Becky - your freelance content wrtier

Hi! I’m Becky – freelance content writer, chief tea maker and cake eater, mum and mastermind of Words ‘N’ Stuff.

A little bit about me

I’ve got a young busy family, love reading and watching trashy reality TV. I enjoy baking for fun and insist on making my children’s birthday cakes.

I live in Hampshire, UK and am a stone’s throw from the sea. After growing up in land-locked Worcester I love walking on the seafront, no matter what the weather!

As a fellow business owner, I get it. I get the challenges of wanting to grow, achieving your goals but there never being enough time. My mission is to help you succeed. I treat every business I work with like it is my own. Working with me means that you get my care, diligence, enthusiasm and inane cake chatter.

Freelance content writers eat a lot of cake!
As a freelance content writer I don't miss deadlines!

Why a freelance content writer?

My story is a bit cliched. I was on maternity leave, was offered the opportunity to work for myself and didn’t look back. All of this is for my family. That’s my why. The flexibility to be there for my kids, to work with who I want, on what I want, when I want has become so important to me.

I love words, I love creating interesting, quirky, personality-filled content that sounds like you and connects you to your audience. Words aren’t everyone’s thing and that’s where I come in.


Using my skills and experience I’ll create content you read and do an airpunch, or crack out the happy dance. Content that makes you chuckle and nod your head in agreement. Most importantly, content that sounds like you.


Running a business is a delicate balance. You want to grow and succeed and push yourself, but that isn’t sustainable. There comes a point where you realise you’ve put off writing your web copy for too long and you need to call in a freelance content writer.

Work with me

We’ll be a crack team if:


You’re ambitious, driven and know you will succeed in your business 


You want to have fun with your content


You’re ready to relinquish some control, not all of it, but just a little bit


You love cake

As a freelance content writer happy clients are key!

If that sounds like you then let’s get to work