Top 8 reasons why you should start blogging right now!

Top 8 reasons why you should start blogging right now!

The eagled eyed among you might have noticed that I’m quite partial to a blog. It’s something that I’ve only recently started doing, but it’s quite addictive! Blogging can be daunting. After all, you’re putting yourself and your thoughts out there for judgement. Blogging can also be rewarding. It’s a creative output and can help clarify your thoughts and opinions. 

Why should you blog for your business though? Are there any real advantages or is it just another drain on your time? Of course there are advantages! Here are my top 8 reasons to start blogging right now.

Find a new audience

Blogging adds another string to your bow. It provides an opportunity for more people to find you and visit your website. If you play your SEO cards right then that audience might find you through a web search rather than your social media platforms. Think of blogging as a tool in your marketing arsenal and it might help you find the motivation you need!

Encourage engagement

There’s nothing like an opinion to get people talking. As we all know we want our followers to engage with our content not just to read it. If you put an opinion out there and someone disagrees then that’s fine! Don’t take it personally just celebrate the engagement and continue the conversation with them.

Position yourself as a “thought-leader”

I hate the team “thought-leader” but blogging does show that you know your stuff. You want clients to come to you because you’re an expert in your field. What better way to show that’s exactly what you are than by imparting your knowledge in a blog post. 

Tell your story

A blog gives you a voice. We talk about social media humanising your brand but you can only do so much in short posts. Blogging helps tell your story. Whether that’s your personal journey, your brand ethos or just your opinion on biscuits. 

Stand out from the crowd

How many of your competitors are blogging regularly? Note the term regularly. Successful blogging is about being consistent. This helps to build a relationship with your followers. It might be that they don’t need your services right now but in 6 months they’ll remember you because of your blog and come knocking. I’ll get sick of saying it soon but people want to work with people. Blogging helps you stand out from your competitors and gives your business real personality.

Gain confidence

To a certain extent you’re putting yourself out there but it’s still from the safety of your computer. Blogging can help you gain confidence in your opinion and how to articulate yourself. This can lead to great speaking opportunities or podcast interviews, opening you up to an even bigger audience.

Create new content

Google likes new content. Regular blogs show that your site is active and is a step in the right direction for satisfying those pesky algorithms. It can also feed your social media as you can break down your blogs into handy tips to drip feed in your posts.

Showcase your skills and knowledge

I say that I can write copy. What better way to show potential clients than to write and publish my own copy! You can demonstrate your skills in your own way. If you’re an illustrator then do a visual blog. If you offer a particular service then share your knowledge on it, offer advice, show behind the scenes images and stories. The possibilities really are endless. 

Blogging is a great way to show you know your stuff. It’s a great asset to any business and when properly planned can support your other marketing channels. More importantly, blogging can be really good fun! There’s no limit on what you can write about (see my previous blog on Paw Patrol). Instead, you have the freedom to write about what interests you, and if at the end of your piece you think it’s rubbish you don’t have to show anyone.

So enjoy the process and harness the power of blogs! Check out my tips for getting started with your blogs.

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