Is the devil really in the details?

Is the devil really in the details?

We’ve all heard the phrase and probably used it ourselves. But is it really true? Why do details matter so much? What can you do to ensure your details are always spot on? 

Coming from an Event Management background to me details matter. That doesn’t mean I’m going to start lecturing you about the consistent use of hyphens – that’s a step too far even for me! But I believe your details say a lot about you and your business. They connote a level of consistency, quality and pride, which is paramount to a successful business. 

That’s not to say that we all need to be flawless 100% of the time, I know that I’ve submitted a CV with a spelling mistake in it…and I’ve gone on to get the job. We are all human after all and at times showing our human side can strengthen our business, particularly for social media marketing. Too many errors or inconsistencies, however, can put doubt into a potential clients mind. Can this business deliver what they promise? Is their level of work going to be good enough? I guess what you’re wondering now is how can I ensure that my level of detail is good enough. 

Well here are my top 3 tips to keep the devil at bay!

1. Clarity

So many times details slip through the net because no-one really understood what was needed. We’ve all been there, sat in a long meeting or on a lengthy phone call, nodding along, making arbitrary notes. A week later we look back to try and recall what was agreed and information is missing. What we choose to do in this situation reflects our business. The two options are to blag your way out of it, cross your fingers and hope for the best. Or, you can ask for clarity. This could be from a colleague or the client directly. Seeking clarity will ensure that there is a clear understanding and finer details can be ironed out at this stage. 

2. Communication

For me, clarity and communication go hand in hand. It can be easy to assume that people understand what’s happening, or that they have the same ideas in your head. In my experience, it’s always worth doubling checking. Having an open and honest line of communication enables your team, or your clients to feel able to approach you, without repercussion, to check their understanding. This can pre-empt issues down the line and as a result, create the details that you want. In the long run, this will save time as you’ll eradicate endless rounds of amends and feedback and really sharpen your processes.

3. Consistency

Nothing drives me crazier than inconsistencies. Prime example – you’re on a website and one page refers to Product A, but you can’t find any further information as on other pages it’s referenced as Product Ab. A small detail I admit, but one that will lose you customers. I feel that this is where the majority of detail mistakes happen. People pick up on the little things and will remember them. In turn, these tiny details will create an impression of you and your business that isn’t what you want to portray. It’s 100% worth taking the time to fact check, review documents and check that you’re being consistent across your business and outputs. 

Little things add up, and that’s why the devil really is in the details. But that doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Use that as motivation to keep pushing your business to be the best and take pride in the details so that instead of lots of small errors creating a negative impression you flip it on its head and create a great impression.

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