Meet Me!

Meet Me!

When I’m approached by a new client I want to get to know them. I’m a people person and want to work with someone that I click with and I’m excited to work with. Working virtually requires a huge amount of trust, more so than sitting next to them in an office and being able to nudge them when needs be.

So here are 10 facts that you didn’t know about me!

  1.  I love spreadsheets. I’m obsessed with them. I have them for everything – children’s birthdays, Christmas, meal planning, decorating the house – you name it and I’ve got one!
  2.  I was part of the half time entertainment at London 2012 for the Basketball and camped out in a sports hall for 2 weeks to be close to the venue.
  3.  My background is in events management – where I regularly had conversations about breeds of cows and sourcing artificial grass.
  4. I want to visit Austria – in particular, Vienna and Salzburg so I can go on the Sound of Music tour!
  5.  Baking is one of my favourite hobbies. I make a pretty decent Victoria Sponge….even if I say so myself.
  6.  I’ve performed at Reading Festival as a dancer.
  7.  I’m part of a book club. Ok, we mostly meet up to chat and eat cake, but we do sometimes discuss the book. 
  8.  My favourite biscuit is a custard cream. I joke to my oldest son that he’s half custard cream as I ate so many when I was pregnant with him.
  9.  I make a to-do list every day. Yes, every single day including weekends. If you count a cooking schedule then I even do one on Christmas day!
  10.  I was part of Team England at the World Cheerleading Championships back in 2013, placing 5th.

So there you go, hopefully, you feel like you know me a bit more than you did. If you like what you hear and think that we’ll click then drop me a message and let’s chat about working together.

What facts should I know about you?

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