Top time-saving hacks

Top time-saving hacks

There might be 24 hours in a day, but when you think about what needs doing in that time it’s never enough! Trying to run a business, look after the children, fit in 30 minutes of exercise, eat healthily, keep a tidy home, ‘me’ time – I’m exhausted just thinking about it all. What you need are some time-saving hacks to put you in the driving seat.

I’m always looking for ways to make my life more efficient. As a naturally organised person, I thrive on finding little hacks to make my 24 hours stretch that little bit further. So here are my top time-saving hacks, feel free to implement, adapt or discard depending on whether they suit you! Also, let me know what your top hacks are.

Just do it

No not just a tag-line for Nike. If it’s going to take 2 minutes or less, don’t bother writing it on your to-do list or scheduling time later just get on with it now!

Don’t leave empty-handed

When moving from one room to the other at-home use it as an opportunity to tidy as you go without having to make a dedicated trip.

Say no

It sounds obvious, doesn’t it? But how much time do we spend on tasks or activities that we didn’t want to do in the first place? Reclaim your time and practice saying no.

List it

Make a to-do list, whether you do it the night before or first thing in the morning it doesn’t matter. Just have somewhere to focus your thoughts on what you want, or need, to achieve that day.

Tackle the ‘worst’ job first

There’s always something on a to-do list that gets put off or that we dread doing. Do it first. Get it out of the way. Delaying the task just means that we dwell on it and build it up, we spend mental energy worrying about it, usually unnecessarily. 

Set a timer

Chunk up your time into small portions. 15 minutes doesn’t feel that overwhelming, so set a timer. You’ll often find that when the timer goes off you’ll spend a few extra minutes on your task.

Work out when you work best

Are you a night owl? A morning person? Do you get a mid-afternoon slump? Figure out when you’re the most and the least productive and plan your time around that.

Plan your food

I am a die-hard advocate of meal planning. Planning what I’m having for breakfast, lunch and dinner every day every week. I already know what I’m having for dinner in 3 days, and I can’t begin to tell you how much mental energy I save not having to worry about it at 4pm every day. 

Clear it out

Now this will take some time before it saves you time. How many emails do you have sat in your inbox? I have zero. Go through and unsubscribe from the junk emails, file the important ones, delete anything that’s not relevant. In the long run, it’ll save you precious time when you’re searching for that one email!

Schedule it

We all feel expected to be available at all times. Why? When was the last time you needed to be available for a genuine emergency? Schedule time in your day to check your emails, or your phone, or social media…..then stick to it.

Delegate it

Now, of course, I’m going to say this! Do you need to do that task? If not, can you delegate it? Once you get into the swing of it you’ll be amazed at what you can outsource. Check out my services to get you started!

I’m sure none of my time-saving hacks are rocket science! Time is precious, don’t let your life be dominated by things that you feel you should be doing. Regularly review and streamline your life to ensure you’ve got the time to do the things that you want to do!

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