Why your agency needs a content writer in your arsenal
Hiring a content writer for your marketing agency is win-win

Why your agency needs a content writer in your arsenal

As an agency, you have so many demands on your time and resources that time isn’t always your friend. With client requests coming in thick and fast, a new job that comes in out of the blue and requires skills you don’t have in-house, like content, can create a new headache. 

The answer isn’t always to hire new employees.

Yes, if you’re always asked for video production and that’s what you market yourself on the sensible approach is to create that resource within your own team. But, what if it’s an ask that pops up from time to time? Or a complementary skill? What should you do then?

That’s when freelancers come in, a great freelancer, like a content writer, in your black book cuts out the faffing time. You know them, you know the quality of their work, they understand how you work and you’ve got a relationship. 

Still unsure? Here are a few more reasons why having a kick-ass content writer on hand will win you more work. 

Consistent content

Part of winning content is consistency. Both the tone of voice and the quantity. The more your agency works with a dedicated content writer the better they’ll understand your clients and can produce winning content. The main benefit from the same person writing the social posts, emails, blogs and web copy, besides tone of voice, is that they will be able to pull it all together, eradicating duplication and weaving the pieces together to create content that’s complementary and consistent. 


If we could predict our client’s then our lives would be much easier but that’s not always the case. The next best thing is to have a resource that you can turn up or down when you need it. If you’re working with a content writer on a project basis rather than a retainer you’ll only need to pay them for the work they do which can be passed onto the client. Saving you money in the long run and creating a more profitable business. 


I work with a number of agencies and turn my hand at whatever project the client needs. I craft emails, social media posts, blogs, product descriptions, brochure copy and so much more. For the agencies I work with that means they only need to deal with one person, one contact, making their life easier and streamlining their work. 

Content writers are a flexible resource and that’s the beauty of them. You don’t need to commit to a writer in-house if the reality is you’ve got two monthly blogs for clients and that’s it. Use the flexibility to your advantage creating a set-up where you’ve got access to that skill for your clients but you aren’t financially committed to it. 

Finishes off the package

The more value you can offer your client the better. That’s the bottom line right? You want to make your client’s life easier without compromising on quality. 

So surely being able to pitch your clients that you can create the design work AND the words to go with it makes your agency the full package? The way to do that and guarantee the quality is to partner up. Find a content writer that you trust, that gets the work done on time and to the level you need it and a writer that you just get along with. After all, why work with someone you don’t like when you don’t have to?

If you’ve been thinking about how to expand your agency and offering without taking on more staff then look at what gaps you have *cough* content *cough* and fill it with a trusted freelancer. You won’t look back. 

Convinced? Send me a message and let’s get to work!

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