How do you start writing a blog?
How do you start writing a blog?

How do you start writing a blog?

Blogging has been around for years, but gone are the days when it’s just for expressing your thoughts on a personal level. Used properly, blogs are your secret weapon (if you’re not convinced then read my other blog on why they’re still relevant!) But how do you start writing a blog? What do you need to do to get it up and running? Will anyone even read it? It’s time to put your doubts aside and crack on.

I’m not going to give you technical advice on how to set a blog up on your website. I’m the wrong person for that, instead, try this guide

The key to a successful blog is consistency and relevance. By that, I mean adding new blog posts regularly and keeping the content relevant to your business. So before you even get to the techy stuff start by working out what you’re going to write about and how often. If you don’t do that it’s like baking a cake without reading the ingredients first. You’re going to end up with a mess that no one wants. 

If you want to start writing a blog then you need to think through the basics first.

How often should I post?

How long’s a piece of string?

This is up to you. Google likes consistency, so it likes to know that once a month new content is added or fortnightly. That’s why the exact posting schedule you pick isn’t as important as choosing one that you can stick to. It’s no good publishing a new blog every week for 2 months then running out of ideas, getting busy and not posting for 4 months. 

What should I write about? 

This is the really important bit. A blog won’t do anything for your business if it’s not related to what you want to be known for. Let’s say that you’re a baker but your blog features lots of articles about cheese. It’s kind of related but it’s not close enough. Instead, you want to write about types of bread, different cakes, why you became a baker – make sense?

If you’ve got some keyword research this is where your supplementary keywords come into play. One thing to note is that you don’t want to be targeting the same keyword as one of your main web pages, you’re setting yourself up as competition then. 

Don’t have any keyword research? Then start by thinking about what you want to be known for. Then pop that into Google and see what comes up. If you scroll down on the results page there’s a handy little box called ‘People also ask’ check out the questions in that and use that as inspiration. Scroll even further and you’ll find related searches where you’ll find even more topic ideas.

Pick a question, topic or theme work out what you’re message is and off you go! That’s how easy it is to start writing a blog.

When should I start?

Now. Have a plan in mind, work out your first few topics, figure out the techy bits and set yourself some deadlines for publishing your blogs and you won’t have any reasons not to start. 

Ok, if you’re coming up to your busiest month of the year and you know you won’t have time to write your blogs then maybe wait a few weeks (or look into hiring a content writer *hint hint*). 

Seriously though, if you keep waiting for the perfect time you’ll never get round to doing it. Commit to it, put it in your diary and just crack on.

Who’s going to read it?

That’s up to you. If it’s just sat on your website then, realistically, not many people will read it. But, if you promote it on your social media, add it to your email signature, break it up and use chunks of it for social posts and keep pushing it, people will read it. How many people all comes down to how much effort you put into promoting it. 

It’s really that easy to start writing a blog. It’s one of those things that people think is a lot more complicated than it is. Creating regular content for your site will help your SEO, it’ll help you engage with your audience and give you more content for your social channels. There’s really no excuse to keep putting it off and I’ve got some extra tips to get you started here.

So, the question is simply – when are you going to get started?

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