Tips to help your format your blog
You’re writing blogs regularly, on topics that your audience wants to read but how do you get them to actually read it? That’s where you need to think about how your blog is formatted. The format is all about how you break up your text with paragraphs and bullet points,
Ever wondered what a content writer does?
What does a content writer do? That’s the all-important question, isn’t it. The answer is really quite simple. A content writer uses emotions to build a connection with your audience through words to build a relationship with them.  Right we can all go home now! Job done. But there’s more
How do you start writing a blog?
Blogging has been around for years, but gone are the days when it’s just for expressing your thoughts on a personal level. Used properly, blogs are your secret weapon (if you’re not convinced then read my other blog on why they’re still relevant!) But how do you start writing a blog? What