Ever wondered what a content writer does?
What does a content writer do? That’s the all-important question, isn’t it. The answer is really quite simple. A content writer uses emotions to build a connection with your audience through words to build a relationship with them.  Right we can all go home now! Job done. But there’s more
How do you start writing a blog?
Blogging has been around for years, but gone are the days when it’s just for expressing your thoughts on a personal level. Used properly, blogs are your secret weapon (if you’re not convinced then read my other blog on why they’re still relevant!) But how do you start writing a blog? What
Job titles, some are relatively straightforward – accountant, for instance, others are slightly fuzzier – I’m thinking digital overlord. For me, content writer definitely falls into that second category. I know that might seem a crazy claim because surely everyone knows what a content writer does, right? I’d bet you