What does a content writer actually do?
Find out the 3 main things that a content writer does.

What does a content writer actually do?

What does a content writer do? That’s the all-important question, isn’t it. The answer is really quite simple. A content writer uses emotions to build a connection with your audience through words to build a relationship with them. 

Right we can all go home now! Job done. But there’s more to it than that. There are so many bits of content out there that you need yours to stand out. Not to everyone. Just to your audience. That means that your content writer needs to get under the skin of your business, strategy and goals to create the right content for your business.

Let’s explore how they do that.

1. Emotion

The number one weapon in a content writer’s arsenal is emotion. I don’t know about you but when I think of emotions the first one I think of is being sad and crying. There are certain times that might be the intended goal but I can assure you I don’t make people cry with my writing! Instead, it’s about harnessing other emotions and bringing your audience on that journey with you. 

Other emotions could be:

  • Happy
  • Inspired
  • Thoughtful
  • Provoked
  • Disappointed
  • Enraged
  • Intrigued
  • Calm

Part of what a content writer does is understand what emotion a particular web page or blog needs to get across and then doing just that. Take this blog, I’d say that I want my audience to feel thoughtful and intrigued. So I’ll explain things in a (hopefully) interesting way with examples and the occasional question. How does that make you feel? 


Next up is what you expect a content writer to be doing, playing with words. The reason that to me this is second in my list is that you need to understand the emotions to pick the right words. Stay with me on this.

If you want your audience to feel happy then you’ll pick more positive, optimistic words than if you want them to feel angry. Let’s say that we’re writing about a new housing development with the intent to garner support. We’d be talking about the opportunities to make memories in your new home, raising your family in the beautiful countryside and enjoying the peace and quiet. Flip that to the disappointment in the community that property developers have been allowed to tarnish more countryside, putting a strain on local resources. 

Words are powerful. Words need thought, and thought takes time.

3.Bigger picture

A debate that’s been going around one of my networks of content writers is can you demonstrate ROI of content alone. 

My take is that content will only ever be successful as part of a wider strategy. That strategy isn’t what you’re using a content writer for. Yes, I will absolutely help you make decisions on topics and help with keyword optimisation and meta descriptions. But, and it’s a big but, if your site is poorly optimised or you don’t share your blogs or you share them but you have a tiny network then you won’t see an impact.

An element of a content writer’s job is to understand the bigger picture. To look at your marketing strategy and work within that so that the content you’ve paid for is working as hard as it can to get you results. 

So next time you’re asked what does a content writer do, I hope that you’re prepared with an answer! If you aren’t, send them my way and I’ll have a chat.

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