What is a content writer?

Job titles, some are relatively straightforward – accountant, for instance, others are slightly fuzzier – I’m thinking digital overlord. For me, content writer definitely falls into that second category. I know that might seem a crazy claim because surely everyone knows what a content writer does, right? I’d bet you my pretty notepad collection that if you asked 100 random people on the street what a content writer is the majority wouldn’t have a clue.

So let me explain.

What is a content writer?

Before we answer that we need to clarify what content is. In really simple terms content is written information. It’s the foundation of anything that you publish or share. In a typical business that might be:

  • Your website
  • Social media posts
  • Press releases
  • Emails to clients
  • Onboarding information
  • Blog posts

A content writer is someone who has the skills, knowledge, creativity and imagination to write those things on your behalf. 

Copy gets a bad rep sometimes for being salesy and pushy. But that’s where content is different. Content writing is all about emotions and engagement. It’s about telling a story that draws people in, adds value and gets noticed. It’s about creating content that sticks in people’s minds so when they’re ready to buy you’re the one they think of. 

What do they do?

A content writer works with you to create content that talks to your audience. Which in itself sounds a bit salesy but it’s not! It’s making sure that your website, blogs, articles, social media or whatever else you’ve got sounds like you and that people want to read it. Otherwise, what’s the point of spending time creating that content?

That’s why they aren’t just a writer. We research, we plan, we look at competitors all so the content we create is the best, most readable copy we’re capable of producing. So the result for you is content that your specific audience engages with, shares, comments on and acts on.

To answer your question of what is a content writer? It’s someone who works with you to understand your business, your audience and your goals and create kick-ass words that people want to read. Sounds simple? It is if you work with the right content writer *hint hint*.

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